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What are we doing for our community?

Go To Collection has made sustainability a key pillar of our strategic planning, as we feel protecting the environment must be a priority for all NZ businesses, and we want to lead by example. We have implemented sustainability targets for our restaurants, with the aim of completely eliminating our reliance on products and processes that have a negative impact on the environment.



We are committed to working with our suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging used for delivery of goods—while still meeting national standards for cleanliness and hygiene. So far, in an effort to eliminate single-use plastic at the restaurant level, we have implemented reduction targets for our use of cling film. To reduce the waste footprint with takeaway orders we are committed to sourcing recyclable and compostable packaging, and using paper takeaway bags (never plastic). All of our in restaurant menus are printed on recycled paper. These are small steps, but they signal a movement towards large-scale change.


Goodbye Plastic Straws

In 2017 we eliminated the use of all plastic straws in our restaurants, opting for metal reusable straws or paper straws for takeaways.


NZ Sourced Ingredients

Each of our restaurants feature the highest quality produce and ingredients available. We work with the best suppliers, and this allows us to produce high quality dining experiences. We are embracing growing trends amongst NZ guests who desire to move towards more plant-based diets, with less emphasis on meat and dairy. We are able to cater to vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free customers without compromising on taste, quality and nutrients in our products.

Our Projects

Below is a selection of community investment projects that we are committed to.


Project Crimson

Go To Collection is proud to support Project Crimson through their Trees That Count initiative. Trees That Count is building a movement of New Zealanders of all ages, social groups, cultures and abilities to plant millions of native trees to help mitigate climate change. It’s about planting trees that count – for climate change, biodiversity, and restoring and enhancing our natural environment. To date Go To Collection has planted 20,000 native trees and counting.